DFU Theme


This is only for demo purposes, we do not sell on this demo site.



Data driven

Easily enter each type of information from a single place and see information flow throughout the website

Features rich

Include many built in features required by businesses including Services, Pricing plans, Teams & Team members, Portfolio, Features & benefits as well as News and Events

Unlimited colour schema

Build in algorithm to generate a custom colour schema for you which you may choose to customise further easily

Abundance of styling options

Styling options available for page and section titles, pricing tables, team members.

Selectable sidebar templates

Plenty of templates including left & right sidebar templates, full width template and specialty templates with selectable sidebar providing many possibilities

Built in widgets

Includes a selection of widgets like Contacts, Social, Company Map and a generic Posts widget for all custom post types to suit many scenarios

Responsive Design

Mobile friendly, responsive design based on bootstrap

Icons support

Icons are provided by font awesome and bootstrap with styling & animation options


Readily integrates to Max Mega Menu & Strong Testimonials with additional styling support


Time saving

Most of the features required by your business has already been included

System built

Not only a theme, it is a system to showcase your business

No web design knowledge required

Simply choose a primary colour for your company and a few styling options

Easy self maintainance

Changes to your site can be as simple as filling in a form. No coding knowledge required by users

Cost effective

Low cost highly extendable custom solution


Faster site delivery

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